What's your first point of contact with your customers?
It's your website.
So make sure that it leaves an impression.

Our process

Website projects comes in all types, but at their core a website is a mean to an end. We at Sterly are focused on results in the form of return on investment

Return on investment is cruical when it comes to websites, a successful eCommerce store is the one that generates the most sales, a successful B2B website is the one that generates the most leads, we at Sterly take these goals into account on all of our projects and optimize our websites for these goals

1. Website goal specification

Instead of starting with design, we start with goals in mind, Who are your customers? What appeals to them? How do we get them to be excited for your website? How does the website fit into your companys sales process?

2. Development & Design

Once we know what success means for your company we set out to build and design the website that will get the return on investment you're looking for.

3. Deploy & Care

We at Sterly take maintainance and care for the future of the website very seriously and are utalizing the latest technology to keep your website up to date and secure

Our tech


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